Yoga Bled

June 3rd, 2015

Yoga Bled will be a Pop up yoga event that will take place this summer in Bled, Slovenia. For that purpose Nimam productions was asked to do a promo video, but since 2/3 of Nimam was away it was up to me to film and edit this project.
I also did a quick logo and I’ll also be making a “cut to the chase“ website.

Ponytail Trails by Linda Paluc

May 12th, 2015





Get ready for new downhill season with lovely Linda Paluc. She and her team did an amazing job last year, and I am stoked to say that this year I’m joining their team as an editor/animator/graphic designer.
So far I did a logo for Ponytail Trails series (+ 3 drafts) and a short 2014 recap teaser… stay tuned!

Bdw big thanks to my tiny friend Nuša Dostal with huuuuge illustrating talent, for helping me out with some final tweaks with the logo.

PuraVida hemp

May 1st, 2015


The uprising PuraVida is a family company that makes handmade product from hemp seeds. Few months ago I did a logo, and now I had to make a design for their packaging. The one they choose is the one you see above, and below you can see all the drafts I did. I must say that I am a bit bummed that they didn’t choose the first one (the white one with a square) – my favourite, but I was really pleased to see that they were sooooooo happy with the one that they choose.
I also did a website, but it is not quite finished yet, since I had to go to working vacations 2 days after.


You can also check the “I’m going to vacations in 2 days and I don’t have time, but okay, I’ll do it anyway“ video for how to make homemade bread with hemp flour.

Red Bull – Goni Pony microsite

April 22nd, 2015


A friend of mine that works for RedBull Slovenia asked for my help with their microsites, and it looks like I’ll be having another returning costumer. Thanks Luka!
RedBull Goni Pony microsite >

Snowboard kindergarten with SD Chickita

April 1st, 2015


During the Freestyle week on Rogla, ŠD Chickita hosted a snowboard kindergarten with help from Blue Tomato.
Of course we had to inform the public of what we’re doing, so I designed this poster/flyer and afterwards I threw together a quick recap video.